Eco Tourism: The Green Travel Experience

Saving your environment and preserving natural sources and forest life is exactly what you call eco-tourism. Eco-tourism is growing so rapidly in the tourism industry. Eco-Travel is a great catch for people loving travel, nature and recreational activities.

Eco-travel and tourism is mainly concerned about preserving the diverse, cultural and natural environment of mother earth. The main goal of eco-tourism is to entertain as many visitors as possible and in every possible way that is very minimally interfering and least destructive to the environment.

This tourism is completely location dependent. The more natural the location is, the more easy it is to get engrossed deeper into the nature and cultural bondage. The sole responsibility of the travelers and tourism agents is the need of the hour.

Advantages of eco-tourism

Eco-travel and tourism encourages the local economy to be very diverse, for this reason the income we get out of tourism is very essential in counting towards the green revolution.

Tourists  help local producers and service providers to compete with larger market and sometimes even foreign companies. Government will use the funds collected from eco-tourism for training programs and conservation purposes.

Reduces adverse effects of any external programs on the nature, it also enhances cultural integrity of people. This promotes recycling, energy efficiency, reusing water and create multiple economic activities.

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Eco-tourism encourages new ways to live by focusing on adventures, cultures, personal growth, etc. Eco-travel and tourism helps to boost cultural integrity amongst the local community. Make a positive impact on the environment as much as possible and sustain the mass population and preserve wild life, other flora and fauna. It is a key to ever cherishing development of the ecology.

Green Laws

These laws are making people realize how man can co-live with the environment for longer time thus maximizing economic, social, environmental benefits of tourism. Everyone is the stakeholder in the process, this creates a responsibility among each and every tourist.

Principles of Eco-tourism

  • Finance is major concern at times, it is the responsibility of any Government or forest authorities to collect money and use it for training and try to conserve the environment
  • Visitors and host should provide positive experience
  • Minimize the impact
  • Promote awareness amongst people about the local culture and environment
  • Human and labor rights are being promoted


  • All bio degradable litter such as bags, plastic, bottles, etc must be disposed safely
  • Maintain sanity of tourist places
  • Stop noise pollution
  • Take photos, but always respect people’s privacy
  • Always respect


  • Do not destroy flora and fauna
  • Do not pollute by using cigarettes
  • Do not cut wood
  • Don’t consume aerated drinks, drugs, alcohol, etc

Rules to be followed during eco-travel

  • Make a thorough research before you travel.
  • Support local business and small scare industries during your travel
  • Follow the guideline signals such as put the trash in the trash can by segregating recycled, glass, or garbage in their respective trash cans.

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